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Check Out This Art Lovers Hotel: Designed with Harmony and Purpose

About 1 year(s) ago by Allegretto Vineyard Resort by Ayres

In the heart of Paso Robles lies a breathtaking vineyard and inn, reminiscent of a villa in Tuscany. We invite you to come visit Allegretto Vineyard Resort, where our award-winning wines and luxurious grounds are combined with over 100 curated pieces of art and artifacts…

As you approach the driveway, you will first encounter the compass rose fountain. The four points of the compass represent the four cardinal directions, while the well in the center symbolizes continual abundance. We invite you to take a moment to stop and reflect where you stand in life and contemplate abundance as you begin your stay with us.

When you enter the lobby, take note of the fiber optic chandelier hanging over the central staircase. This custom piece was designed by New York artist, Petia Morozv of MADLAB and combines a blend of classical shapes and contemporary technology. The lobby also features a painted ceiling showcasing light from heaven, the sky and a quatrefoil motif which is duplicated across the property and holds deep meaning for the Ayres family. The painted lyres on the ceiling each have seven strings, which represents spiritual awakening and peace in many cultures.

After your check-in, take a moment to enjoy the large fireplace in the lobby, based on a Renaissance design and hand-carved from Dorata stone. You will also find throughout the lobby and the interior of the property that the plaster on the walls is made of pulverized marble from Israel, which gives it a rustic blend of texture and sheen.

Just off the lobby is the Sequoia Room, which in many ways is the heart of the resort. Inside you will find a majestic cross-section from a giant Sequoia tree that fell on private property in Sequoia National Park. It shows a tangible timeline through its rings, including natural and human history dating back to the birth of Christ. It also serves as a touch point for other art and artifacts throughout the property.

The fireplace in the Sequoia room is gothic in design and includes symbols of three-leaf clovers representing the Trinity, a four-leaf clover representing the Trinity plus grace, a Benedictine cross, and three doves who look at the Sequoia tree.

As you walk out from the Sequoia room, you enter the grand Piazza Del Magico. This 12,000 square-foot piazza takes its architectural ques from the symmetry of Andrea Palladio's agricultural villas (1508-1580), the courtyards of Florence's famous Renaissance residences, and cloisters of the Benedictine monasteries of Europe. The footprint of the piazza forms the shape of a cello and also the shape of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

The blue shutters dotting the piazza's interior and exterior follow no logical pattern, instead representing the amalgam of side-by-side homes in Italy and throughout Europe.


Take some time to sit in the wine barrel Adirondack chairs that surround the stone fountain in the center of the piazza. The fountain is made from natural Chinese river stone and represents the womb of creation. Behind the fountain is the grand staircase, which is flanked with two stone figures, custom sculpted for Doug Ayres in Vicenza, Italy. The figures represent a male and female muse, with the male muse removing his mask to symbolize vulnerability.

Just below the grand staircase is the Romeo and Juliet Tunnel, scaled to accommodate a horse and rider and named after the underground web of tunnels leading to the Arena di Verona. This romantic tunnel symbolizes the bridging of families when two people unite in marriage.

Connected by the Romeo and Juliet Tunnel, and symbolizing a bridge between faith and traditions, lies Via Verona. Inspired by European monasteries, you will find several figures representing the world's major sacred traditions, including Siddartha Gautama, later known as Buddha. You will also find the goddess from the Vedic tradition, based on the most ancient of Hindu scriptures, along with the Virgin of Guadalupe which was crafted in San Miguel de Allende and blessed at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico before being placed at the Allegretto.

Beyond Via Verona, you will find the East Garden. In the garden stands an obelisk, which is an ancient Egyptian monument, later used in Roman state architecture to denote the power to send and receive energy. Doug Ayres had this piece hand-carved from stone in Mexico and it serves as a gathering place, representing the area near the Mount of Olives.

At the Northeast corner of the resort, you will find a blue-tiled cupola bearing the same symbols on display as the Gothic hearth in the Sequoia Room.

Be sure to take a walk to the Southwest end of the resort to see the bell tower that rings for special occasions at the resort, including weddings, baptisms, and anniversaries. Those special occasions are often commemorated in the Abbey at the resort.

The Abbey is a small non-denominational French inspired building, modeled after the rustic chapels of Europe. The Abbey's custom-made stained-glass windows blend ancient symbols with contemporary artistry, including the east-facing rose window which depicts all of the root chakras of the human body. There are also three round windows displaying the double Fibonacci cycle, an Eastern yin and yang, the Star of David, and the Tree of Life from the Kabbala.

Doug Ayres desired to recreate a small European town with village walls, a monastery (cloistered courtyard) and a chapel. At the Allegretto, we offer guests the luxury of a mental and physical escape as well as a place to emotionally and spiritually rest. We encourage all who visit to contemplate, dream or imagine new heights in their inner, professional and/or family life.


Give us a call today to book your accommodations at the Allegretto Vineyard Resort and allow us to satisfy your inner art lover.

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