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Explore Wildlife at the Charles Paddock Zoo

About 2 year(s) ago by Allegretto Vineyard Resort by Ayres

When you visit the Charles Paddock Zoo, you will behold hundreds of animal species from all corners of the globe. The zoo provides visitors of all ages with the opportunity to engage with some of the rarest animals in a safe and respectful environment, so make sure you do not miss your chance to partake in this wonderful experience.


Charles Paddock, a county park ranger, founded the zoo in 1955. Paddock took on the ambitious responsibility of nursing wild animals back to health. Due to his conservation efforts and concern for these animals, the zoo is now home to more than two hundred animals.

When you visit the zoo, you will encounter a wide variety of animals. For instance, the zoo has an array of bird species including the black-necked stilt and the Caribbean flamingo. You will also find mammals from all around the globe, such as the Malayan tiger and the red ruffed lemur. The zoo also hosts many reptiles, from the desert tortoise to the African bullfrog. You are guaranteed to find a new, interesting animal at every turn during your visit to the Charles Paddock Zoo.

The zoo is open seven days a week and operates from 10am to 5pm. Admission prices are as follows:

· Adults 12 and over: $7

· Children ages 3 to 11: $5

· Seniors 65 and older: $6

· Children 2 years and under: Free 

The Charles Paddock zoo is extremely dedicated to conservation of wildlife and educating the public about its animals. The zoo wishes to provide all visitors with an exciting and informative visit that they will not soon forget!
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