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Is a Brunch Wedding Right for You?

About 1 year(s) ago by Allegretto Vineyard Resort by Ayres

Everybody loves brunch. So, it makes sense that you would want your wedding reception to feature foods from what is quite possibly the best meal of the day. If you are considering having a brunch wedding reception, below are some points to consider and fully evaluate before sending out your invitations.

You Will Have an Early Wedding

If you are interested in a brunch wedding, you need to be a punctual person. Not only does your entire wedding party have to be fully dressed and ready to go, but your vendors must also be willing to have everything prepared on time. Talk to caterers, decorators, make-up artists, and hair stylists to make sure your to-do list can be accomplished before the french toast and omelettes are served.

Some Guests May be Unable to Attend

Having your wedding rather early in the day may present a challenge for some of your guests. For example, if your guests work on weekends, or are traveling from far away, their availability during the morning hours may be limited.

You Will Have Less Time with Family and Friends

If you wanted to partake in pre-wedding festivities -- sipping mimosas during hair and makeup, distributing gifts to your wedding party, or taking getting ready pictures -- this may not be feasible with your stricter time constraints.

Your Reception Will Be More Casual

The dress code for a brunch wedding is typically far more casual than an evening wedding. Usually, people will wear garden party attire to a brunch wedding rather than their evening gowns and suits.

Your Decorations Should Be “Brunch Compatible”

Since a brunch wedding is generally more casual, you want your decorations to reflect this. For instance, instead of billowing floral centerpieces, use wildflowers in mason jars or have your caterer arrange a food buffet instead of a sit down meal.

Brunch Weddings are Cost-Friendly

A brunch wedding menu is generally less expensive than a multi-course dinner. So, if you are looking to reduce your menu budget, this option may be optimal for you.

You Should Not Expect a Wild Dance Party

While an evening wedding would usually ensure some of your guests are intoxicated and dancing, during a brunch wedding, some of your guests will go lighter on the alcohol and be a little more timid about dancing in broad daylight. Your guests can certainly still dance, but just do not anticipate anything wild.
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