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Preparing Your Wedding Invitations

About 2 year(s) ago by Allegretto Vineyard Resort by Ayres

The amount of time and effort that must go into creating your wedding invitation can often be overlooked. To make the perfect invitations, there is quite a substantial amount of information and details that you must include. To simplify this task for you, below you will find tips for making you invitations.

Here are the necessary items to include in your invitation:

Your Names

It is most important to include your name and the name of your future spouse on your wedding invitation.

The Purpose

While this may seem obvious, you will want to state that you are inviting your guests to your wedding ceremony and/or reception.


If your guests are not familiar with the location, it is best to also include a set of directions in the envelope you send the invitations in.


Clearly state the date of your reception, including the numerical date and the day of the week.


Ensure you inform your guests when they should arrive and whether or not there is an approximate or definite end to your reception.


Request that your guests RSVP to your event by a certain date so that you can account for how much food, drinks, seating, gift bags, and other items your wedding will require. You should also include specific information about how you would like your guests to RSVP: by phone, email, or response card.


It is important to inform your guests how they should dress for your wedding because each couple's style varies. Some people prefer casual weddings, while others want their wedding to be a black tie event. Or, if you have a themed wedding, this can also dictate your guests’ wardrobe.

Plus One

Specify whether you are inviting solely the addressee or if they can bring a guest, their spouse, and/or their children.

Sending Out Invites

You should send out your wedding invitations at least eight weeks in advance to give yourself proper time to plan and follow up with your guests.

By following these guidelines, your invitations will be clear to your guests and contain all the necessary information to help make your wedding successful.

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