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Preventing Awkward Silences Your Reception

About 2 year(s) ago by Allegretto Vineyard Resort by Ayres

Most people dread the idea of hosting a party or event with awkward silences. Even more horrifying is having this issue arise at your wedding reception. To prevent any uncomfortable silences from arising, we have created a guideline that will help you keep the conversation flowing at your reception.

Planned Conversation

To make your guests feel at ease and to egg on some conversation, you can prepare a few questions to ask to increase their engagement in the conversation. You can ask them whether or not they have tried the food being served, inquire about their job, or comment on their outfit.

Etiquette Trivia

When you need a conversation starter, you can also rely on these trivia facts about commonly served foods to engage your guests.

If you are serving chicken at your reception, you can inform your guests that the left chicken thigh is believed to be the tenderest.

If you are serving ice cream, you can tell people that it was first made in China.

If you are serving coffee, you can tell guests that a percolator was once the appliance used to make coffee. Alternatively, you can bring up the fact that a can of Coca-Cola only contains as much caffeine as half a cup of coffee.

If you are serving sushi, you can mention that the origin of this delicacy is Japan.

If you are serving marzipan, tell your guests that the minimum amount of almond paste in real marzipan is fifty-percent.

With these conversation starters in mind, you will be prepared to make your reception more enjoyable and lively for your guests and yourself.

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