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Ways to Pop the Question on Valentine's Day

About 1 year(s) ago by Allegretto Vineyard Resort by Ayres

Rose bouquets. Decadent chocolates. Elegant dinners. Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly one of the most romantic days of the year, and therefore, a popular day for marriage proposals. If you are planning a romantic Valentine’s Day proposal, below are some ideas for making the moment memorable.

Proposing in Front of a Crowd

A popular Valentine’s Day tradition is going to a theatre with your loved one. If you are confident your significant other will say yes when you pop the question, you can collaborate with the theatre in advance to coordinate an on-stage proposal. Ideally, the play or musical should have a love theme so that you can integrate your proposal smoothly into the play. For a variant of this idea, you can also purchase an ad at your local movie theatre so it delivers your proposal message on the big screen -- just be sure to arrive on time!

Say it with Sweets

Purchase a traditional heart-shaped box of chocolates and replace one of the chocolates with the engagement ring. Another idea is to buy a bag of custom made conversation heart that say “Marry Me.”

Recreate a First Date or Special Moment

On February 14th, instead of being innovative, rely on the past to showcase your love and history as a couple. You should plan your day around recreating your first date or another special moment, such as when you told one another “I love you” for the first time. Make reservations for the same restaurant, get a tape for the song you sang along to during the road trip, or pack a picnic of the foods you enjoyed that day at the park.

Restaurant Proposal

Restaurants are one of the most popular proposal destinations. If this idea appeals to you, make a reservation somewhere special -- your favorite eatery or a restaurant with a romantic ambiance. Then speak with the restaurant’s staff about how you would like to propose -- whether it’s writing “Marry Me” on the dessert plate rim or going for a walk nearby to propose before returning for champagne and dessert.

Jigsaw Puzzle

For a creative, suspenseful approach, give your significant other a puzzle in a box, which when completed, reads “Will you marry me?”

Photo Album

Make an album that captures all the special moments in your relationship. On the second to last page write, “What will our future bring?” and on the last page write, “How about marriage?”

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