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Wedding Dress Shopping Advice

About 2 year(s) ago by Allegretto Vineyard Resort by Ayres

Every bride dreams of finding the perfect dress. Unfortunately, the search for your dream dress can be overly complicated if you begin shopping for your dress without any prior preparation. To help make selecting a dress a less arduous task, we have compiled a list of things you should avoid doing while on the hunt for your wedding gown.

Do Not Bring an Entourage

While it can be hard to trust your own instincts, it also is not beneficial to have ten different people with ten different opinions watching your try on wedding dresses. Ultimately, if you invite too many people to voice their opinions, you will never reach a consensus. It is better if you select one or two trusted friends, or family members, that understand your vision.

Do Not Shop Too Early

While you may have a long engagement, it is better if you do not begin shopping until twelve months prior to your wedding. It can be difficult to invest in a dress early on if your wedding details are not finalized because many factors -- such as your venue or your theme -- can influence the style of your dress.

Do Not Try On Too Many Dresses

Brides will generally try on between four and seven gowns, but should not exceed trying on more than ten dresses because it can lead to confusion. If you find yourself trying on too many dresses, then you will likely become too hesitant to commit to one and become increasingly overwhelmed with the process.

Do Not Be Influenced By Discounts

Although a 70% price reduction is a tempting reason to buy a dress, it is important to be cautious because it is likely that this dress is a sample dress. This means that this dress has already been tried on by dozens of future brides and may be torn, stained, or damaged. If you do purchase a sample dress, inspect it carefully, and if you find anything that cannot be easily repaired, it is best to forget about the dress.

Be Wary Of Dress Sizes

Wedding dresses are usually one or two sizes smaller than your daily clothes, so the actual number is not important. Furthermore, although many brides proclaim that they will lose weight before their wedding, it is better to order a size that fits your current body. While any dress can be taken in without affecting the look of the dress, it is much more difficult to take out a dress.

Do Not Gravitate Towards a Single Style

Most brides end up purchasing a wedding dress that is vastly different from what they originally thought they wanted. While it is helpful to have an idea of what you want before your appointment, you should also branch out and try other recommendations from your consultant.

Do Not Buy a Dress You Do Not Love

Your wedding will be one of the most special moments of your life, so do not settle for a dress that you are not completely satisfied with. Furthermore, if you feel as if your family, friends, or a salesperson are trying to sway you in a different direction than what you want, it is also okay to leave empty-handed and return at a later point if you feel you really want the dress.

Do Not Try On Dresses You Cannot Afford

To avoid disappointment, it is best to only try on dresses within your price range. You should also be upfront with your salesperson and ensure that he or she respects your budget.

Account for Extra Costs

When you set a budget for your dress, remember that this budget should include additional costs such as alterations, tax, and delivery fees. You will also need to account for undergarments, shoes, a veil, hair accessories, and jewelry.

If you take these precautions while looking for your wedding dress, you are guaranteed to have a far more successful search and be more content with the process.
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