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Allegretto's two story lobby with painted ceilings and split sta
Vineyard at Allegretto Vineyard Resort in Paso Robles

Our Story

Discover our History

In music, the term “allegretto” describes a cheerful tempo of 112-120 beats per minute, and at  Allegretto Vineyard Resort by Ayres, it’s an expression of a life lived joyfully, playfully, in harmony and with intention. The resort is the vision of fourth-generation hotelier Douglas Ayres, who, as a keen observer of global cultures and traditions, spent 13 years exploring the landscapes and vineyards of Paso Robles before discovering the 20 magnificent acres in East Paso Robles that would become the Allegretto. 

Populated with art and artifacts from his travels throughout South America, Asia, Europe and beyond, Allegretto Vineyard Resort is Doug’s most personal project yet, designed to recreate the peace and proportion of ancient spaces. “Across history, people have expressed their connection to a deeper source through their environment, food, song, dance, and celebration,” he says. “The Allegretto is another of those human expressions. It tells a story in time - a story of joy.”

Doug’s vision stands today as a truly singular destination with a national reputation for unparalleled service, beauty and heart. It is a cherished place where guests engage in exceptional experiences, spaces, services and amenities along their life’s journey. And, above all, celebrate what’s common between us: the desire to thrive, make a connection, and take pleasure in the abundance of life.

Allegreto Vineyard Resort Icon
Allegreto Vineyard Resort Icon

Gardens & Grounds

Each exterior detail springs from the vision of Douglas Ayres, whose love and study of international gardens, plants and trees influenced the design of the Allegretto’s 20 acres. The final result is a harmonious global blend of plants and trees, including tropical, Mediterranean and native varieties.

“Every varietal of plant and tree was chosen for its area because the land has a particular resonance and desires for that varietal to be planted there,” says Ayres. “It’s not simply my desire, or random. The land itself was completely involved in the decision of what was planted where.”

Aerial shot of vineyard grape vines at Allegretto Vineyard Resort
Vineyard at Allegretto Vineyard Resort in Paso Robles
Lounge chairs looking over the bocce ball court with a setting s
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Art & Architecture

Learn more about the art and architecture that distinguish Allegretto Vineyard Resort. 

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