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Honoring our pastoral lands through conscious efforts

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Green Initiatives

Allegretto Vineyard Resort commits to providing clean, comfortable, and well-appointed hotel in an environmentally responsible manner. Eco-conscious examples set by the owners and operators ensure continued research and implementation of green practices at the resort level.

Water Conservation Management

  • Efficient water-saving fixtures
  • Water sensors in the public restrooms
  • Drip irrigation
  • Water Refill Station/Coolers
  • Towel/linen reuse program

Energy Efficiency

  • A/C energy saver
  • Regular HVAC maintenance
  • Electric vehicle car charging stations for guests
  • LED energy-efficient lighting
  • Key card powered energy system to ensure power is used when the guestroom is occupied
  • Individually controllable thermostats in guestrooms
  • Weather-strip and seal around doors and windows

Recycling & Waste Reduction

  • Styrofoam-free property
  • Reduce office consumables
  • Universal waste recycling (lamps, batteries, electronics, etc)
  • Soft goods and hard goods donated to local and national donation centers
  • Recycling and biodegradable electronic key cards
  • Biodegradable cups available in guestrooms
  • Organic material recycling 
  • Reusable dishware

Chemicals & Hazardous Substances

  • Hazardous waste collection for separate processing
  • Display SDS information and train team members in proper handling and disposal
  • Automatic dosing for pool water treatment

Agricultural Impact

  • Dedicated vegan menus
  • Dedicated vegetarian menus
  • Sustainably sourced tea and coffee products
  • Skin cleanser soap made with certified sustainable palm oil
  • Food waste feeds local farm animals 
  • Plant relocation program

Community Impact

    Locally sourced coffee
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Local artist program
  • Local artisan soap program
  • Locally sources products in mini bar
  • Fair wages for employees
  • Hires local staff
    • 150 jobs have been provided for the community in this last  year
  • Team members are encouraged to adopt water-saving practices
  • Communicate sustainability objectives during training and meetings 
  • Access to public transportation at Cuesta College
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Kind Traveler Partner

Allegretto Vineyard Resort is proud to partner with Kind Traveler, the first socially conscious Give + Get Hotel booking platform that empowers our visitors to support a non-profit organization that positively impacts our local community.

For a $10 nightly donation to the Surfrider Foundation, you can unlock special rates and a complimentary bottle of wine with your stay. 

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