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Paso ArtsFest Returns this Memorial Day Weekend

About 3 year(s) ago by Allegretto Vineyard Resort

Paso Robles is known for its local culture, mostly related to the world famous wineries and olive vineyards. Still, even the Central California area’s art culture is thriving. The PASO ARTSFEST will be on Saturday, May 28th between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the Paso Robles Downtown City Park.

The mission for the annual PASO ARTSFEST affair is to celebrate and preserve the natural beauty and identity of Paso Robles through the arts every Memorial Day weekend.

This year, the event will host an Outdoor Fine Art Show and Sale with some of the leading plein air artists in the country and beyond, a Local Stars Quick-Draw, the Kids Art Smart Zone, CREATEspace for adults, live music, and a one-of-a-kind wine bar.

Live music performances include Bear Market Riot, Proxima Parada, and Tipsy Gypsies.

There will be several top artists from all different backgrounds featured in the Outdoor Fine Art Show, Signature Exhibition, and Local Stars Quick-Draw.

  • Alice Ronke
  • Anette Power
  • Anne Kulaf
  • Barry Lundgren
  • Bill Rumbler
  • Camille Przewodek
  • Carol Mortensen
  • Carol Swinney
  • Cheryl Rogers
  • Chris Gallyson
  • Christine Cortese
  • Cody Brown
  • Dana Kimberly Hixson
  • David L. Cassil
  • David Palmer
  • Deanna Rae Cummins
  • Deb Lysek
  • Debra Huse
  • Deladier Almeida
  • Denise Schryver
  • Don Adkins
  • Emily Schultz
  • Francie Beaman
  • Gabriele Bitter
  • Ganna Halvorsen
  • Garrett W. Pernéy
  • Ginger Toomer
  • Heather Millenaar
  • Hellie Blythe
  • Ian Ely
  • Ina Hohensee
  • Janice Pluma
  • Jason Mayr
  • Jeff Weidler
  • Jerry Tanner
  • Jessica Conti
  • Jim Tyler
  • John C. Traynor
  • Jonathan Gaetke
  • Kabe Russell
  • Kadin Goldberg
  • Katherine Lemke Waste
  • Ken Christensen
  • Kevin Weckbach
  • Kim Doherty
  • Kristen Olson
  • Larisa Aukon
  • Larry Kappen
  • Laurel Sherrie
  • Linda Lewis
  • Loey Siering
  • Lori Slater
  • Lorri Trogdon
  • Lynn Kishiyama
  • Lynne Ramires
  • Mary McCrea
  • Marylin Pusanik
  • Michael Davies
  • Michael Hirsh
  • Michael Rude
  • Mike Bauer
  • Mike Kowalski
  • Mike Myers
  • Molly Lipsher
  • Nanci Carter
  • Nancy Dorobiala of Adorobella
  • Phil Wright
  • Richard Mortensen
  • Rod Baker
  • Roger Combs
  • Rosanne Seitz
  • Rosemary Bauer
  • Ruo Li
  • Sergio Lopez
  • Sharon Gellerman
  • Sharon Jackman
  • Sheryl Knight
  • Sonia Calderón
  • Tamara Walter
  • Teréz Tyni
  • Teri Starkweather
  • Timothy Mulligan
  • Tina and Tamara Orlando
  • Tom Sage
  • Toni Best
  • W. Jason Situ
  • WB Eckert
  • Wendy Scruby
  • Wendy Velasquez

The day celebration offers a chance for visitors of all ages to interact and embrace the purity of art in the beautiful Central Californian wine country. Join the festival’s many thrilling events!

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